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Gluten-Free Thin Mints

Gluten-Free Vegan Thin Mints

Girl Scout cookie season is rapidly approaching and with it comes childhood memories of biting into crunchy Thin Mint cookies and swooning over the pillowy layer of peanut butter in Tagalongs. When Girl Scout cookie season hit last year, I was on the cusp of transitioning from vegetarian to vegan. Yet of course those pesky Girl Scouts persuaded me to buy quite a few boxes of cookies. But after dipping my feet in the water of veganism, I started to loathe those cookies in my cabinet which tempted me with their not-so-vegan ingredients.


Chocolat Chaud

The Best Vegan Hot Cocoa

My book of choice this winter has been Paris, My Sweet by Amy Thomas, a food blogger and self-proclaimed “sweet freak”. The memoir chronicles Thomas’s Parisian adventures  sampling all the decadent desserts the city holds. One of which, was Parisian patisserie Angelina’s creamy and ultra dreamy chocolat chaud. After reading just a few sentences of Thomas describing the Parisian treat, I was desiring a cup of hot cocoa myself, vegan of course!


Breezy Layers

So far, winter in San Diego has just been a cool breeze with lows of 50 degrees leaving me reaching for light sweaters. I purchased this Caslon Open Knit Sweater from Nordstrom last winter and it has been tucked away in my closet for a quite a while now. Its lack of warmth previously posed a challenge in the past but this season it couldn’t be more fitting for the weather. I decided to give it new life by layering a Free People Trapeze Slip Dress underneath it and topping it off with a simple gold necklace from Forever 21. A pair of James Jeans Twiggy Skinny Jeans and vegan faux-leather lace-up boots finished the look. I spotted these Mossimo Khalea Combat Boots at Target and was thrilled to see they are composed of 100% man made materials and they are incredibly similar to the Steve Madden Troopa Boots, which are not vegan-friendly. Finding cute, budget-friendly vegan boots can be challenging, but I’ve found that affordable stores like Target or even ModCloth tend to have quite a few cruelty-free options! These looked so much like genuine leather, I had to check the inner label twice to be sure they weren’t leather!


Welcome To Vegan À La Mode: A Vegan Fashion and Food Blog

Vegan À La Mode: Vegan Fashion and Food Blog

Welcome to Vegan À La Mode, a vegan fashion and food blog! I’m Karissa, a 21 year old fashion blogger of 5 years and this is my first time focusing my blogging on veganism! I’ve loved fashion since the moment I first laid eyes on the Style Network and have been searching for a way to connect my two passions since becoming a vegan one year ago. Though I had been a vegetarian for almost 5 years before switching to vegan, I was blissfully ignorant when it came to the origins of my leather boots and wool sweaters. Becoming a vegan opened my eyes to the world of cruelty-free living and I sought to make my closet 100% vegan. I’m a devout shopaholic, chocoholic and lover of all things French-related (hence the blog title)! I hope to inspire all my readers (vegan or not) by creating a place where fashion meets compassion. I’ll be posting a mix of cruelty-free fashion looks, delicious recipes and lifestyle posts. I also am looking forward to connecting with others living a compassionate lifestyle so I hope to hear feedback on post suggestions and your own favorite vegan products/recipes! Feel free to reach out by commenting or emailing me!


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