SDSummer Challenge

SDSummer Challenge

I’m excited because today the SDSummer Challenge, hosted by The Seasonal Diet, kicked off! The goal of the SDSummer Challenge is to help participants to stay on track with a healthy diet this summer. The Challenge is 21 days long and all challenges are vegan and gluten-free friendly! Of course I was immediately on board after reading through the challenge packet so I signed up right away! You can join (for free!!) by visiting The Seasonal Diet website.

The Day 1 Challenge was to incorporate fresh ginger and turmeric into your day in order to help cleanse the body. I unfortunately, couldn’t get my hands on any fresh turmeric in time for this challenge but I did have a huge knob of ginger! I squeezed it through a garlic press and added some fresh ginger juice and a dash of ground turmeric for an afternoon refreshment! It was so delicious and I totally plan on doing this more often this summer :)

SDSummer Challenge Day 1 5


Are you partaking in any challenges this summer? Or do you have any summer goals set?  

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