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Summer Camping: Outfit Inspiration

Vegan Camping Trip Inspiration(Image Source: Happily Grey)

This weekend, Thomas and I are heading up to Julian for a weekend camping trip. We have been saying for quite some time that we should go camping and we are finally doing it! So today, before we take off, I thought I would share some of my fashion inspiration for the trip!


Lavender Lemonade

Healthy vegan lavender lemonade recipeToday I’m sharing my recipe for lavender lemonade which has quickly become a favorite for myself and Thomas. We’ve made it two weekends in a row and it certainly doesn’t last very long in the fridge because it’s so refreshing! The lavender is really what makes this a standout. If you have any upcoming summer parties or even just want a poolside refreshment, try making it!


Bohemian Summer

Golden hour at Harbor IslandA bit past Point Loma lies Harbor Island, a strip of rocky terrain along the Port of San Diego. The view was incredible, the water glimmered against the San Diego skyline. We both were in awe of the gorgeous view and most of all, couldn’t believe we had missing out on Harbor Island’s beauty for so long.


Girls in Lace Dresses

Fun photoshoot idea with friends

On Wednesday evening, my close girlfriends and I got together for a fun and feminine photoshoot in the park. The lighting was perfect at golden hour and we had the best time! We brought along some healthy picnic snacks (along with some indulgent treats) as well so we could feast afterwards!


Tofu Lettuce Cups

Vegan Gluten-Free Tofu Lettuce Cups inspired by PF Changs

Yesterday I shared my recipe for Tofu Lettuce Cups on guest blogger Hanna’s blog! They’re perfect for summer and reminiscent of PF Chang’s vegetarian lettuce wraps. They’re made with healthy and wholesome ingredients so you won’t find any processed ingredients in these. Read on for the recipe!


Guest Post: Mastering the Art of Secondhand Shopping

Eco-friendly guide to thrift store shopping

Today eco-friendly blogger, Hanna Baror-Padilla, behind Sotela is sharing her guide on secondhand shopping! I discovered Hanna’s blog through Instagram and loved her style! I always admire bloggers are determined to make an impact with their fashion choices. Hanna is a pro at finding chic secondhand items and styling them so I’ve asked her to share her tips with you all. Read on for Hanna’s tips and tricks!


Summer Showers

Pink swing dress with a pastel colorblock vegan leather bag and a heart print umbrella

All week long I’ve been looking forward to sharing a little about the new vegan handbag company, LaBante London. This bag arrived early in the week and I’ve been so anxious to share some photos of it because I think it’s truly gorgeous! What’s even better is that in addition to being cruelty-free, it’s also ethically produced! Read on to hear a bit more about this conscious fashion brand.


Vegans Do Thai Food: Mango Sticky Rice

Vegan Gluten-Free Thai Mango Sticky RiceToday I’m sharing a mango sticky rice recipe for a summer ready Thai meal in partnership with The Plant Strong Vegan! Margaret and I both LOVE Thai food so it was only fitting that our first collab be Thai themed. Don’t forget to check out Margaret’s recipe for crispy spring rolls after reading my post!


Fit For The Occasion

Lace fit and flare skater dress

It’s not often I get to dress up but when I do, I cherish the routine of shopping for the perfect dress, adding on a sparkly necklace and spending a little extra time on makeup. Today’s look is a dressy one that is one of my favorites for any time of year.


The Ultimate Guide To Portland

A guide to Portland, Oregon. Fun things to do, and restaurants to eat at.

Portland, Oregon is a place full of unique places to see, delicious restaurants, and a lively atmosphere. The past few weeks I’ve shared a lot of photos of the various places I visited and now I am putting them into one easy travel guide for your Portland trip!


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