Fit For The Occasion

Lace fit and flare skater dress

It’s not often I get to dress up but when I do, I cherish the routine of shopping for the perfect dress, adding on a sparkly necklace and spending a little extra time on makeup. Today’s look is a dressy one that is one of my favorites for any time of year.

Green lace dress with red lipstick

Simple vintage inspired glam necklace

Vegan Special Occasion Fashion Look

Green lace skater dress with red lipstick and a sparkly necklace

 Dress: Fire (Sold Out; Similar), Necklace: Happiness Boutique, Shoes: Merona (Sold Out; Similar), Lipstick: Pacifica

A few summers back, Thomas and I were at a wedding of one of his family friends. We were at the reception and seated at our table was a girl in a green lace dress. I noticed her dress right away and had to know where it was from! I talked to her a bit and then finally asked where she got her dress. She laughed when she told me it was the Nordstrom juniors department and that she still shops that section of the store. I could relate though because even though I’m in my twenties as well, I still shop there too! You just can’t beat the prices and the cute styles! Anyways I must admit, I went out and bought the same dress as her a few days later. I’m really not the type to buy something I saw on someone else but given that I would probably not being seeing her again for lack of common friends and interests, I made an exception. It just was so cute and Thomas agreed it was very “me” and wouldn’t be that weird if I went and got it.

Flash forward to now and I still own the dress and love it! This time I wore it, I made it a bit more glamorous with a statement necklace from Happiness Boutique. What I love about this Jasmine Blossom necklace is how it looks vintage and although it’s sparkly, it’s still dainty. I’m very simple and minimalist when it comes to jewelry so this necklace is right up my alley. What’s also so great about this necklace is that it’s so affordable! Happiness Boutique is my new favorite place to get jewelry since their shipping is free and they have a customer reward program. Plus there are just so many chic styles to choose from!

For my makeup, I chose to do a red lip since I think it contrasts the green quite nicely. I used Pacifica’s Power of Love lipstick which is my new favorite since it’s vegan and cruelty-free. For my eyes, I used Pacifica’s Power of Love eyeshadow palette which is another new beauty purchase I made recently. I used the shimmery ivory and pink shades on the lid and brow bone and a little bit of the taupe shade in the creases as a contour. Then I finished off it off with a touch of 100% Pure eyeliner and mascara.

Vegan A La Mode Fit For The Occasion

Now you tell me, have you ever seen a dress on someone and loved it so much you had to have it too? Let me know in the comments! 

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