Summer Stripes

Pink vegan crossbody bag with a striped top and jeans

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the purpose of fashion and how our wardrobes can make a difference. I hope this post will help to inspire some of you to seek brands who give back and aspire to make a positive impact in our world.

Stripes with a crossbody bags

Pink vegan crossbody satchel

Striped boat neck top

Cute vegan crossbody bag

Top: H&M CONSCIOUS (Sold Out; Similar), Jeans: Hudson, Bag: Angela and Roi

I am switching up my usual outfit commentary today to share something that is hopefully a bit more meaningful and inspirational. I am aiming to share more thought provoking content on my blog since I think there are a lot of important topics that I would like to talk more about but haven’t touched on yet. So today I’m talking a little bit about why its so important to think before you buy and to reconsider “luxury” leather bags because there are more compassionate alternatives that are just as stylish and even more affordable.

As I mentioned in my last outfit post, I adore Angela and Roi because they not only produce cruelty-free ethical bags but also donate a portion of their profits per bag to charity. Depending on the color, it goes to a select charity to help those suffering from cancer. This particular bag donates to breast cancer which is a cause close to my heart as I have had two great aunts suffer from it, one of which succumbed to it this past year. It’s so inspiring to me that a brand would put philanthropy over profits in order to help the greater good. I really cannot emphasize enough how supportive I am of brands like Angela and Roi who use their brand to spread a message of doing good. I try to incorporate these values into my own wardrobe because I believe in fashion with a purpose. My purpose with my wardrobe and my blog is to spread compassion and kindness. I feel like we can all convey that message by choosing to buy a cruelty-free bag over one in which an animal lost its life for.

I’ll be the first to admit that as a young teen, I thought that was what was important. I remember my first purchase from the money I made from my Gossip Girl fashion blog was a Rebecca Minkoff bag which was worn on Pretty Little Liars. I was so excited about it at the time and of course, as with all materialistic purchases, the excitement wore off within a week. I look back and think how naive I was to think that a designer handbag the best use of my hard earned money when it so clearly wasn’t. Especially when I think about the fact that even though I was a vegetarian at the time, I didn’t think twice about the fact that my bag was made from a cow’s skin. I was so uninformed and had no idea that there were better alternatives out there. That’s why now I prioritize functionality, sustainability, and affordability when making a purchase for a new vegan item for my wardrobe. It’s such a huge bonus when a vegan brand goes above and beyond by giving back.

Summery striped outfit
I hope to put together a post soon featuring all brands who are philanthropic so stay tuned for that and feel free to give me suggestions of brands I may not know of who give back!

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