Vegan Gluten-Free Guide to Disneyland

Happy Thursday! I apologize for missing my usual Wednesday post but Tuesday we spent the day at Disneyland so I didn’t have a chance to prepare a post. But today I’m sharing a recap of our day and some tips for eating vegan and gluten-free while visiting Disneyland!

Disneyland by Vegan À La Mode

Thomas and I took our first trip to Disneyland last year for my birthday and had a blast. We were eager again to go this year and were waiting for the perfect time to visit again. Tuesday seemed like the perfect day because school was back in session for kids and it was a little rainy which doesn’t bother us but might reduce the crowds so off to Disneyland we went!  We rose at 6 AM to get ready, eat a quick breakfast, pack up some snacks and lunch then headed to Anaheim!

Our drive ended up taking much longer than I had anticipated due to work traffic plus rain but we managed to make it there only a few minutes after opening time at 10 AM! Our first stop was Space Mountain first to beat the lines. After that, we headed to get a FastPass for Thunder Mountain and then spent the rest of our morning enjoying all the rides.

Around 12:45 we headed back to the car to have our packed lunches. I packed myself a quinoa salad with hearts of palm, capers, and lemon juice and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Thomas. We also brought along some tangerines and vegetable chips to snack on in the park. I think packing your own lunch is one of the best ways to save money and stay healthy while visiting Disneyland. Sure there are some vegan options but they are likely pricey and not always 100% certain to be vegan. So I would rather not take the risk by bringing my own food in a cooler!

Vegan Dole Whip from Disneyland

After enjoying our lunches, we headed back to ride on Indiana Jones which ended up being my favorite of the day! By that time the sun was out and the rain had stopped so I was craving something sweet and refreshing. I decided it was time to try out Dole Whip which is vegan and gluten-free! It’s simply made from pineapple juice but you would have no idea because it’s so creamy! It was the perfect treat :)

For dinner, we decided to go out of the park like we did last year. Mexican food sounded really good to both of us so we headed to Chipotle. It was actually my first time dining at Chipotle even though they have been vegan and gluten-free friendly for quite some time! I ordered a burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, veggies, pico de gallo, and guacamole which was so delicious! Thomas loves the sofritas so he got that in a burrito and then we split an order of chips. I am obsessed with Chipotle now! I love that their ingredients are all online so you know exactly what you are getting. I was so pleasantly surprised with how clean their ingredients are! Plus, their chips are so good! I am going to have to learn how to infuse tortilla chips with lime at home!

Last year for our out of the park dinner we went to Vegan Pizza which was an all-vegan pizza place with gluten-free options. I got a delicious veggie pizza which I loved! That’s another great place to try if you’re open to leaving the park. Both Chipotle and Vegan Pizza are only a little over 1 mile away from Disneyland so you won’t have to go too far. If you do choose to eat at Disneyland, Happy Herbivore and Vegan Cowgirl both have amazing guides to all the vegan options within the park! 

We got back to Disneyland just in time for our FastPass for Splash Mountain at 5:55. We had to race across the park to make it in time but we did! For your reference, we left at 4:40 so it only took a little over an hour to go get dinner! Anyways we spent the rest of the night going on more rides and having so much fun! Below is a list of quick tips for spending a day at Disneyland while staying vegan and gluten-free :)

Tips for Vegans at Disneyland

  • Packed lunch ideas: Quinoa salad, a veggie sandwich on gluten-free bread, beans with rice and tortilla chips, crackers and hummus
  • Snack ideas: Fruit, kale chips, Larabars, homemade cookies
  • Plan ahead: Read up on all the vegan and gluten-free options at Disneyland here, here, and here
  • Call ahead: If you decide to eat in the park, call the restaurant you plan on dining at ahead of time to alert them of your dietary needs. Most often, they will be very accommodating!

Vegan and Gluten-Free Guide To Disneyland

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  1. Grammy
    September 17, 2015 at 2:11 pm (3 years ago)

    What a wonderful day, Karissa. I’m happy you weren’t caught in that awful rain! It was pretty miserable. Love you. XO

  2. Jessica @ Styled Nutrition
    September 18, 2015 at 2:10 pm (3 years ago)

    Indiana Jones is my favourite ride too! I haven’t been to Disneyland in over 15 years though! I would so like to go back!


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