My Favorite Smoothie Bowl Recipes

Easy and delicious vegan smoothie bowls

Today I’m sharing some of my go-to smoothie bowl recipes! I love making them when I’m feeling a little bored of oatmeal or regular smoothies because they feel extra special while not having to go through extra effort. Read on for my favorite smoothie bowls including two brand new recipes!

Easy and delicious vegan smoothie bowls

The Ultimate Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl

I shared this recipe not too long ago and it was a total hit! It’s perfect for those mornings where you’re craving something extra sweet but don’t want to overindulge. The peanut butter drizzle makes it extra creamy while the chocolate chips add a fun crunch! Get the recipe here.

Easy and Delicious Vegan Smoothie Bowls by Vegan À La Mode

Green Smoothie Bowls

I first shared these nutritious green smoothie bowls on my Instagram back in June before taking off to Portland. I made this by blending frozen bananas, kale, spinach, frozen mango, and pineapple with vanilla almond milk. Then I topped the bowls with slivered almonds, chia seeds, blueberries, and kiwi! It was the perfect healthy breakfast!

Tropical passion fruit smoothie bowls

Tropical Passion Fruit Smoothie Bowls

This creation is a new favorite! I recently discovered That’s It bars which are literally just made from two ingredients! All of them are fruit based so they are super healthy and great for a boost while on the go. I also use them to jazz up smoothie bowls! To make the smoothie base, I blended frozen bananas with mango, almond milk, and two dates. Then I poured it into bowls and topped it with passion fruit (my fave!), shredded coconut, and chopped That’s It mango + apple bar. It was so refreshing for the sunny San Diego morning!

Vegan Acai Bowls

Berry Acai Bowls

You may recall I went through an acai bowl obsession with August and I must say I’m still pretty hooked on them! I just love loading them up with lots of toppings, especially the granola which adds a tasty crunch! Acai bowls have become my favorite weekend treat because I can curl up with one while watching TV and meal planning with Thomas. Get the recipe here.


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