Cruelty-Free Halloween Costumes

Cruelty-free Halloween costume ideas

Halloween is right around the corner so today I’m sharing some cute ideas for cruelty-free costumes! I love chic looks that are original and not too often done. I love creating my own costumes because I think it’s more fun and unique! The worst is when there’s a bunch of other girls wearing the exact same costume as you. Read on for my favorite classy Halloween costumes!

Cruelty-free halloween costume idea

Suzy Bishop in Moonrise Kingdom

This year, I’m going as Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom while Thomas will be Sam Shakusky. Thomas introduced me to Wes Anderson movies by taking me to see Moonrise Kingdom a few years ago and I’ve loved his movies ever since. Every scene is so artfully crafted and the costumes are truly amazing. I love how detailed the Mooonrise Kingdom’s costumes are and of course my favorite look from the movie is Suzy Bishop. I’ve ordered a dress off of Etsy from a sweet seller who custom made it for me and I’ll be sharing photos as soon I have it! Here’s her listing for it if you would like to order one as well :) Here are a few other necessities for your Suzy costume:

Cruelty-Free Halloween Costumes by Vegan À La Mode

Nancy Drew

Another costume idea that just came to me recently is Nancy Drew. I loved the series growing up so when I heard a Nancy Drew TV series is coming soon, it made me reminisce on the classic novels. For this costume, it’s rather easy because you can use your best judgement as to what Nancy would wear. Pictured above is Emma Roberts as Nancy Drew in the 2007 movie. I think a perfect Nancy-esque look would be a cardigan tied around the shoulders paired with a preppy dress or top and pencil skirt. Of course, don’t forget to carry Nancy’s trademark magnifying glass! Here’s my outfit picks:

Cruelty-Free Halloween Costumes

Elle Woods

There’s no better cosutme for a vegan girl than Elle Woods who advocates against animal testing in the sequel of Legally Blonde! I love Elle Woods’ go-getter attitude and how she fights to keep animals out of labs, exposing the harsh lives they face when tested on. Elle’s ultimate girly-girl look calls for lots of pink and lots of prep. I love these pieces for an Elle costume:

Cruelty-Free Halloween Costumes

Chanel Oberlin

My latest obsession is the show Scream Queens, it’s a horror comedy show from the creators of Glee and American Horror Story. I love the fashion on the show because there’s such a wide variety of styles; from the Chanels in their preppy looks, to Grace in her classic menswear inspired looks, to Zayday in her bold eclectic looks. The only complaint I have is all the fur used on the show! While most are faux, there have been a few real fur pieces which is so unnecessary! So instead, recreate the Chanel look without the fur and just focus on pastel tones, tweed fabrics, and classic accessories. Get a few friends to dress up as other characters or Chanel’s minions for a fun group costume. Here’s some Chanel inspired pieces:

What Halloween costume are you planning this year? Let me know in the comments!

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