Kindred Restaurant in San Diego

Kindred San Diego Bar Review

Prior to this year, there weren’t many vegan restaurants in San Diego. But now San Diego has a new vegan hotspot perfect for drinks and salty snacks. Kindred in South Park is the perfect place to grab a drink on a Friday night with friends and chat over delicious entrees like BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches paired with crispy potato chips. Read on for more details and my favorite things to order at Kindred!

Kindred Vegan Restaurant in San Diego Review

Kindred Vegan Restaurant in San Diego San Diego Bar Review

Kindred Vegan Restaurant in San Diego Bar Review

Depth Dweller Strawberry Infused Rum from Kindred Vegan Restaurant in San Diego

Kindred Vegan Restaurants in San Diego Review

I remember a time when the only vegan restaurants in San Diego were Evolution Fast Food and Native Foods in Encinitas. Little did I know a couple years later there would be an abundance of options and even a vegan cocktail lounge. Kindred is a new bar in South Park which serves vegan cocktails and gourmet American food. Thomas and I were anticipating the opening since we are always looking for a new vegan restaurant to try and vegan cocktails would be a first for San Diego. Upon our first visit, a Friday night, we were shocked to find a packed room and a 45-minute wait list, but quickly decided we would put our names down since we were far to eager to try it to leave. I couldn’t help but be happy that a vegan restaurant was succeeding so quickly! While we waited, we found a seat at the bar and browsed the menu. 30 minutes later and we were cozy at our table, snacking on popcorn while we waited for our food to arrive. It was so good that we returned this past Saturday, earlier in the evening, to find a much more calm, low key atmosphere, perfect for an earlier dinner and drinks.

To drink, I got the Depth Dweller which is a strawberry infused rum cocktail. It was sweet and perfect for an early evening refreshment. I have ordered it twice now and have a hard time trying something else since once I find a favorite I stick with it. I am contemplating trying the Unbearable Lightness next time though for something different. Thomas got a Fortunate Islands IPA which he also liked. On our first visit, he tried their beer cocktail which he deemed “interesting.” So if you’re looking to be a bit adventurous, that might be up your alley!

Kindred Vegan Restaurant in San Diego Review

Vegan Gluten-Free BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich on Lettuce from Kindred Vegan Restaurants in San Diego in South Park San Diego

Vegan BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich with BBQ Potato Chips from Kindred Vegan Restaurant in San Diego

Homemade Vegan BBQ Potato Chips from Bar Kindred Vegan Restaurant in San Diego

Thomas and I both got the BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich as our entrees. I love it because it comes with potato chips that are absolutely amazing! As you all know, I LOVE potatoes and everything possible to make with it haha. Pair the chips with the sandwich, and you’ve got a more than satisfying meal! I get mine without the bread to make it gluten-free while Thomas gets it original style. Both ways are amazing! Naturally, we’ve ordered this both times we dined there. We really are creatures of habit! I really need to branch out next time, though! Our other favorite there is their Popped Corn which is so addictive. It has dill, chives, lemon, and a chili garlic “cologne”. So so good!

What I love most about Kindred (besides the cool atmosphere) is that they are so gluten-free friendly! They are able to make 80% of their dinner menu gluten-free! It’s not marked on the menu but let your server know of your preference and they will be happy to help :) Unfortunately, there aren’t any gluten-free desserts but our waitress did say they are testing out some GF dessert recipes! So hopefully soon! Also. they serve brunch on the weekends which I haven’t been to yet. They said about 30% of that menu can be made gluten-free so I would suggest dinner if you are intolerant like.

Overall, Kindred is a hip place that lives up to the hype with its great food and delicious, unique drinks.

Depth Dweller Strawberry Rum Cocktail from Kindred Vegan Restaurants in San Diego

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  1. Karen
    February 19, 2016 at 6:24 am (3 years ago)

    I think you should try Witchfinder General! Tequila! :-)

    • Karissa Bowers
      February 19, 2016 at 9:03 am (3 years ago)

      Lol mom! I think you should try it when you come visit me 😉

  2. Grammy
    February 20, 2016 at 7:27 am (3 years ago)

    Can we go here for lunch, Karissa? You look so pretty! :-)


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