Earth Day: 5 Ways To Make Your Lifestyle Eco-Friendly

5 Ways To Make Your Lifestyle Eco-Friendly

Happy Earth Day :) Earth Day is one of my favorite days of the year since it gives us all a chance to reflect on how we treat our planet. Last year, I wrote a post on how our wardrobe impacts the earth so this year I thought I would share how to make your lifestyle eco-friendly! I’m sharing 5 easy ways to make your lifestyle eco-friendly. All of the suggestions not only help the planet but can also improve your health and finances! Just making a few simple changes in your habits can make a world of a difference for the planet.

1. Make Recycling A Habit

Recycling is one of the most obvious ways to be more eco-friendly but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth including in this list. This year, Thomas and I made a lot more of an effort to make sure we recycle everything that’s glass, plastic, cardboard, and paper. It often has led to our recycling bin overflowing but it’s so worth it.There are so many things that often get overlooked as being recyclable so make sure you always check for the recycle sign on your products before assuming they belong in the trash. Recycling gives new life to old materials. Even yoga pants can be made out of recycled water bottles!

2. Switch To Eco-Friendly Household Products

This was something we did when I went vegan. Not only are eco-friendly products safer for the earth, they are also safer for your health. We like using Seventh Generation and Method, both of which are non-toxic, cruelty-free, and easily found at Target and on Amazon. There literally isn’t a household product you can’t find from them. Dishwasher pods, laundry pods, glass cleaner, etc! Be sure to check EWG if choosing other brands. “Green washing” is being done by many manufacturers in order to make their products look eco-friendly when they actually contain toxic chemicals that are detrimental to the earth and your health. I love EWG’s healthy cleaning guide which contains ratings on products with info on how toxic they are.

3. Reduce Waste

An easy way to reduce waste in your home is to rely more on reusable linens like washcloths and hand towels, instead of paper towels and wipes. As I mentioned in this post, I used to use makeup remover wipes every night, not even thinking about what a waste all those towelettes are since they go straight into the trash! Switching to a washcloth and face wash was an easy swap and I’ve noticed my skin is less prone to breakouts now that I’m actually rinsing it instead of just using wipes.

“If every household in the US replaced just one 2-pack of 140-sheet virgin paper towels with our 100% recycled product we could save over 720,000 trees.”

Using recycled paper products can have a huge impact on our environment. Seventh Generation makes paper towels, napkins, and toilet paper made from 100% recycled paper.  You won’t spend more either… Seventh Generation’s 24 pack of toilet paper is $11.99 while Charmin is $16.49 for the same amount of rolls. You are actually saving money while helping the earth!

4. Switch Your Beauty Products

Many beauty products not only have dangerous ingredients lurking in them, but also are dangerous for the earth. Use EWG’s Skin Deep to see what effect your beauty products are having on the earth and your health. Making the switch to all natural and organic beauty products was one of the best decisions I have made. My skin is clearer, I don’t suffer from allergies anymore, and I know I am not polluting the earth.

EWG does a great job of breaking down the ingredients in women’s beauty products you should absolutely avoid so be sure to take a look here. What you put in your hair and on your body affects your whole body and the ingredients in them affect the earth. Especially spray products. Spray on sunscreen is really popular due to its convenience but they actually do more damage than good. Spray sunscreens tend to be inhaled when applying, sending all those chemicals into your body plus they don’t allow full coverage of skin! Check out EWG’s guide to sunscreens which will tell you which are the best for you and the earth.

5. Buy Less

Simply put, buying less is better for the planet. Basically, consumerism is bad because more and more products and good are being produced which takes a toll on the environment. You can read more on the subject in this article by The Atlantic. By using more of what you already have or shopping secondhand, you are contributing less to the ongoing problem. This year, I’m really proud of how much less I bought. I’ve stopped buying frivolous purchases like new lip balms or stationary and shopped for new clothes a lot less. In a lot of my blog posts like

By using more of what you already have or shopping secondhand, you are contributing less to the ongoing problem. This year, I’m really proud of how much less I bought. I’ve stopped buying frivolous purchases like new lip balms or stationary and limited shopping for new clothing. In a lot of my blog posts like this one I am rewearing clothing that I have already featured. I’ve actually featured that white dress 3 times now! I don’t want my blog to be about buying new things so I try to restyle items I have already worn.

Reevaluate your monthly purchases and try to buy only what you really need. Also, when shopping for new clothes, only buy what you absolutely love and know will last you a long time. I saw bloggers doing posts today on celebrating Earth Day by wearing something green or floral and linked to a bunch of clothing their readers should buy to “celebrate” Earth Day. People just don’t seem to get it! Buying more is not better for the planet, buying less is. I’ll leave it at that since I already talked a lot about this in my post on fast fashion. The point is, buy only what you absolutely need when you need it. 

5 Ways To Make Your Lifestyle Eco-Friendly

Do you have any easy ways to make your lifestyle eco-friendly that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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