DIY Gift Bags for the Holidays

DIY Holiday Gift Bags

These DIY holiday gift bags are so easy to make and can reduce your waste at the holidays.

DIY Gift BagsDIY Gift Bags

First off, I wanted to share some exciting news. I am now writing fashion and lifestyle articles for EcoSalon! EcoSalon is Organic Authority’s sister site and I am so happy to be contributing to both online magazines. Both of them promote a conscious lifestyle and reach the mainstream audience. I feel honored to be a part of a company so dedicated to inspiring positive change for the planet, animals, and health of its readers. You can find my EcoSalon articles here :)

My first post for EcoSalon was these holiday DIY gift bags. I first started making these almost 3 years ago! I was in the height of my excitement about my newly found vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle and knew I needed to come up with an eco solution for holiday gift wrapping.

Enter these DIY gift bags. Anyone who knows me, know I am obsessed with Anthropologie. My love for the store results in a ton of white paper shopping bags that I keep stored for reuse. That particular year I decided I would give them a holiday makeover with some snowflake stamps and washi tape.

The result was these shimmery rustic gift bags that garner a ton of compliments. I always encourage my gift recipients to keep them and reuse them! Usually, they all happily keep them and I see them being reused the next year.

I recommend always saving the gift bags, ribbons, gift tags, and tissue paper that are used to wrap presents you receive. You can reuse all of those items! Some tips for storage is to make sure it’s all neatly tucked away and laid flat so it won’t become wrinkled or damaged. For tissue paper, I like to iron it on low to smooth wrinkles before reusing it.

For gift tags, I try to save the ones I give since I’m giving to those same people year after year. My family knows that I like to reuse wrapping materials so therefore is totally accepting but if your family and friends give you weird glances, just give them a quick explanation of your eco efforts. You can also buy kraft gift tags made from recycled paper which is what I use (and is pictured in these shots.

Find out more about the environmental impact the holiday season has and get the step-by-step guide for these DIY gift bags over on EcoSalon!

DIY Gift Bags

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