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Hi! I am Karissa, the compassionate blogger behind Vegan À La Mode. I created Vegan À La Mode to show that food and fashion can be delightfully cruelty-free. You’ll find chic looks that are free from animal materials and delicious recipes that are completely vegan. All of my recipes are also gluten-free as well due to my gluten intolerance. I believe in following a wholesome plant-based diet that relies solely on natural ingredients. I hope that all of the food I share on here makes you feel as well-nourished and energized as they make me feel! My goal isn’t to convert anyone to veganism but rather to emphasize on the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Whether or not you are vegan, I hope my fashion and food posts inspire you to live a healthier, compassionate life.

I believe that fashion and food should serve a purpose; the food we consume should nourish our bodies while the clothing we wear should be friendly to both animals and the planet. While I would love to have a 100% eco-friendly ethical wardrobe, it’s unfortunately a difficult challenge given I only shop cruelty-free so I prefer to balance my wardrobe. You will notice I mix sustainable pieces with sometimes conventionally produced clothing items. I am always on the lookout for affordable eco brands with cruelty-free clothing so you will find many posts on those under the eco-friendly tag.

I believe in a balanced lifestyle. We all deserve to indulge every now and then; I choose to make those indulgences vegan to keep with my cruelty-free lifestyle. I don’t believe in being restrictive so you won’t find any calorie or carb counts in my recipes. As far as fashion goes, I also try to stay balanced with a minimalistic approach to my wardrobe. I love simplicity which is why you might mostly find me wearing a dress with just a couple of accessories. I love fashion but don’t believe you have to be decked out in all the trendiest items to look chic. Wear what makes you happy and you will look your best :) Be sure to check out my vegan wardrobe essentials post if you’re just getting started with a vegan wardrobe!

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