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Earth Day: 5 Ways To Make Your Lifestyle Eco-Friendly

5 Ways To Make Your Lifestyle Eco-Friendly

Happy Earth Day :) Earth Day is one of my favorite days of the year since it gives us all a chance to reflect on how we treat our planet. Last year, I wrote a post on how our wardrobe impacts the earth so this year I thought I would share how to make your lifestyle eco-friendly! I’m sharing 5 easy ways to make your lifestyle eco-friendly. All of the suggestions not only help the planet but can also improve your health and finances! Just making a few simple changes in your habits can make a world of a difference for the planet.


Kindred Restaurant in San Diego

Kindred San Diego Bar Review

Prior to this year, there weren’t many vegan restaurants in San Diego. But now San Diego has a new vegan hotspot perfect for drinks and salty snacks. Kindred in South Park is the perfect place to grab a drink on a Friday night with friends and chat over delicious entrees like BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches paired with crispy potato chips. Read on for more details and my favorite things to order at Kindred!


Favorite Links of February

Favorite Eco-Friendly Vegan Reads of the Month

Today I thought I would do a little something different! I apologize for not posting as regularly, I am adapting to managing a photography business, working a full-time job, freelancing and running the blog! I love each and every job though so I am so thankful my time is filled with such amazing opportunities. But I do need to figure out how to better manage my time to make sure I have 2 new posts up each week! I’m hoping by March I will be back in my regular posting habit of Mondays, Wednesdays, sometimes Fridays. Anyways, today I am sharing some of my favorite links of the month!



Blue plaid shirt

I spent most of this weekend doing photoshoots for my new business but Sunday I got to enjoy a perfect day with Thomas. We started our day with brunch at Cafe Gratitude and then explored a new part of Balboa Park. It was truly the best way to spend my Sunday morning.


November Inspiration

November Inspiration by Vegan À La Mode

I’m back from a brief hiatus spent packing, moving, and settling into our new apartment! I am so excited about our new place and can’t wait to share a few photos of it once it’s all decorated and organized. We’ve been gathering lots of inspiration so today I’m sharing some chic home looks that I love!


Why Social Media Isn’t The Problem

Why Social Media Isn't Responsible for Self-Esteem Issues

Ever since popular vegan vlogger, Essena Oneill, announced she was quitting Instagram, Youtube, and Tumblr, a conversation has been sparked whether or not social media is detrimental to our lives. She has started a buzz about the facade may bloggers present, if paid posts are shady, and if social media causes unhappiness. This subject has been on my mind for the past few days and I wanted to share my thoughts on the topic. I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter so I encourage you to comment after reading!


Spotlight on Tedi Sarah

Spotlight on Tedi Sarah by Vegan À La Mode

Today I’m sharing an interview with one of my favorite vegan bloggers Tedi Sarah! Tedi is a gorgeous, compassionate blogger living in NYC. Her blog has been a fave of mine for quite sometime now because we both share a love of compassionate fashion, food, and beauty! On her blog, Tedi shares the best eats in NYC, healthy vegan recipes, and kind fashion looks! Plus, she’s just launched an amazing Instagram account featuring the chicest cruelty-free looks. Read on for an insight into Tedi’s vegan life!



Vegan Gluten-Free Guide to Disneyland

Happy Thursday! I apologize for missing my usual Wednesday post but Tuesday we spent the day at Disneyland so I didn’t have a chance to prepare a post. But today I’m sharing a recap of our day and some tips for eating vegan and gluten-free while visiting Disneyland!


1989 World Tour

1989 World Tour Taylor Swift

This past weekend I had the best time celebrating my birthday in LA at the Taylor Swift concert. The show was amazing and it was so good to spend the weekend with my loved ones. Today I’m sharing some photos and a recap of the wonderful weekend!


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