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Pittock Mansion

Pittock Mansion by Vegan À La Mode

Pittock Mansion by Vegan À La Mode

I apologize for the hiatus, I spent the past week in Portland! The trip was something Thomas and I had planned quite some time ago so to say I was eager to go would be an understatement! We had the best time and I am so looking forward to sharing with you all the places we visited, food we ate, and my Portland outfits! We took over 2500 photos so since getting back, I’ve had a lot of photos to sort through! First up, I wanted to share some photos from our second day in Portland in which we visited the Pittock Mansion.


Finding Fall

Finding Fall by Vegan À La ModeThis past Sunday, my boyfriend, Thomas and I took an impromptu day trip to Julian which is about a small town outside of San Diego famed for their apple pies and rich history (it was a mining town during the Gold Rush). We wanted a change of scenery for the day since it hardly looks like fall in sunny San Diego.


Seattle Vegan Restaurants Review

Seattle was truly a vegan’s paradise. To be honest the number of options was a little overwhelming. Luckily I had received some recommendations of restaurants from friends so I could easily narrow down all the choices! Here’s all the places we ate at and loved:

Seattle Food Diary by Vegan À La Mode (more…)

Seattle Photo Diary

Seattle by Vegan À La Mode

My boyfriend and I took a trip to Washington this summer and had the best time. Seattle is by far one of my favorite cities I have ever traveled. If we weren’t so attached to the California sunshine, we would love to move there! Of course, there are vegan options all around and most of the food is organic which is even more incentive! I took plenty of photos of all the vegan offerings in Seattle but first I wanted to share my favorite shots of all the gorgeous places we visited. The photos were taken at the following places: The Big Wheel, Snoqualmie Falls, Rattlesnake Ledge, Fremont Farmers’ Market, and Gas Works Park. You can hover over the photos of me to see tags of what I’m wearing.


My Favorite Vegan Spots in LA

Sage 1

This past weekend, I spent another weekend in Los Angeles dining on the best vegan and gluten-free food LA has to offer. I am from the South Bay area of LA which is only about 2 1/2 hours from San Diego (where I currently live) so I frequently take weekend trips to visit my family and friends. I always feel so fortunate to not only to be so close to home but to also get to have a huge variety of dining options for when I’m in town. I’ve rounded up my favorite spots for plant-based eating in LA. Be sure to let me know what your favorite vegan-friendly restaurants are in the comments!


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