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Blissful Basil Cookbook Review + Recipe

Gluten-Free and Vegan Apple Crisp from the Blissful Basil cookbook

Last week, a welcome package arrived at my doorstep; the Blissful Basil cookbook. As a longtime admirer of the blog, I couldn’t wait to see what delicious vegan recipes were in store from the book.


Oh She Glows Every Day: Cookbook Review + Recipe

Oh She Glows Every Day Cookbook Review and Recipe by Vegan À La Mode

Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows has always been an inspiration to me. When I first went vegan, she was one the first blogs I relied on while transitioning from vegetarian to vegan. I quickly fell in love with her food philosophy and loved how nourishing her recipes are.

Then, her first cookbook was released a couple years ago and her recipes became a staple in our home. Now, she’s released another cookbook with even more delicious vegan recipes so I am excited to be sharing my review and a recipe from Oh She Glows Every Day.


My Favorite Recipes of May

While I love creating new recipes from scratch, it’s not exactly something I do too often. What I really love is the actual act of cooking and then photographing the finished result. Recipe development is tough so I usually only come up with a couple of new recipes a month. So when I’m not creating my own recipes, I turn to my favorite cookbooks and blogs to make delicious dinners for Thomas and myself. So I decided I’ll be sharing some of my favorites on the blog more often. I hope it helps to inspire some of you who also are looking for new meal ideas. I try to avoid labor intensive recipes on the weeknights so many of these are a cinch to whip up! As you will learn after reading this post, I turn to Chloe Coscarelli’s recipes a lot! That’s because they never let me down and can be easily made gluten-free! I also really love The Plant Strong Vegan’s recipes lately so you’ll see one of hers included as well.

p.s. All of these recipes are boyfriend approved! That’s always crucial before declaring a recipe is a fave!


The OSGCookathon

Glo BarsAbout a week ago, Emily of Puppies and Peanut Butter, approached me about doing a cooking collaboration revolving around The Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon. We both have a love for Angela Liddon’s recipes and had just received her cookbook. I soon learned that Emily was also a big believer in following a balanced vegan diet that moderates healthful recipes with occasional indulgences. Given that The Oh She Glows Cookbook is chalk full of whole foods plant-based recipes, we were both eager to dive into it. Her idea was that we could both make the same recipes then share with each other how the process went, what substitutions we made and how the end result of each recipe was. I was already having so much fun cooking my way through The Oh She Glows Cookbook but knew it would be so much more enjoyable if I had someone to share the experience with. Thus the OSGCookathon was born! I could not wait to begin the process.