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Buena Vista Park in San Francisco

Buena Vista Park | San Francisco | Vegan Travel | San Francisco Park | Vegan San Francisco | Vegan Leather Jacket | Free People

Last week, we set out to San Francisco for a Spring adventure and were treated to amazing weather, beautiful views of the city, and delicious vegan food! I am excited to start sharing some of the photos from the trip. Today, I’m spotlighting Buena Vista Park in San Francisco which had an amazing view of the city and made for the perfect spot to hang out on our first day in the city.


Denim Shorts at Metate Meadows

Denim shorts and v-neck tee with layered necklaces. Casual spring look. #AEOStyle #Madewell

Distressed denim shorts and a v-neck tee topped off with layered necklaces makes for a casual spring outfit, perfect hiking and exploring. Last weekend, we went for a sunset walk around Metate Meadows and were amazed by how green it was. The breezy yet warm weather was perfect for this spring look.


Mount Rubidoux

Festival style floral crochet shorts and sunflower print kimono #AEOStyle cruelty-free

Mount Rubidoux is a historical landmark in Riverside that has breathtaking views and a beautiful tower and peace bridge. Thomas and I stopped for a sunset hike on our way home from Big Bear and enjoyed the lovely architecture and overlook. Festival season is right around the corner so I wore a cruelty-free festival inspired look. Read on for outfit details and more photos!


Beach Beauty

Beach Beauty by Vegan À La Mode

Summer is the perfect time to put a little shimmer in your look and let your hair down! Beachy braids and golden glows convey summer instantly and luckily you can create these looks easily with just a few beach-ready vegan beauty products. Read on for my favorites for summer!


Staying Fit and Healthy

Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy

Ever since I went vegan, fitness and health has really become a priority to me. By no means am I a fitness fanatic but I try to get a workout in every day to stay healthy and fit. Today I’m sharing a little bit about how I stay in shape!


Saturday Market

Portland Saturday Market by Vegan À La Mode

Portland Saturday Market by Vegan À La Mode

One of the places on the top of our list to see in Portland was the Saturday Market. We had read such great things about it and love any sort of outdoor market so we knew it was something we couldn’t miss.


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